Saturday, May 21, 2011

What's Your Story?

I recently preached on Acts 27:21-25; 30-31. This is the story of Paul being taken to Rome as a prisoner when the ship he's travelling on runs into trouble. God sends an angel to Paul and assures him that he, nor his companions on the ship will die. Paul is convinced that they will surivive and the ship will be destroyed exactly as God says. Around verse 30, Paul tells the Roman soldiers that if they let the sailors abandon ship then everyone one will die. Which is it? God has ordained all will survive or the sailors have to preform or they will die? It's both. When we lean to hard into one side or the other and let our fallen reason take over we end up making mistakes that manifest in how we live our lives. This type of false reasoning shows up differently in the culture and in the church, but at the foundation  it is the same error. We tend to think that reason is the best human attribute of all, a result of the Enlightenment, but when we lean on our own understanding, especially when attempting to describe the divine, we will make errors. Thus the constant need to go to the divine, to Scripture, for revelation.

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