Saturday, June 23, 2012

Losing your child for being poor

This Sunday in my sermon, Building Justice: Moving from "Just Us" to Justice, I'll be mentioning part of the story of a mother from our mission partner Space Coast Center for Mother's with Children . Below is the full essay in the mother's own words, reprinted with her permission for anyone who wanted to look a little deeper.

Jackeline M.
Prep writing 2, M-T
Assignment #1

The painful feeling I have to go through not being able to show my little girl her birthday cake and say happy birthday and not be able to see her face of joy and happiness. On January 16, 2000 a beautiful baby girl born and that is the day that I became a mother. Five year ago my little girl was taken away by the state of South Carolina and let her father have custody of my little girl. There court excuses was that I cannot afford a cruise trip for my kid but her father can, another excuse was that my English was not good enough. I’ve been working very hard to fix that by going to college and give my best. Since she is gone I always get a cake and celebrate her birthday with my youngest daughter, but on this occasion I bake and decorate her birthday cake, I bake it with a lot of love and thinking on the day I have her in my arms for the first time. As I keep decorating, I was feeling exited making little lollie pops, ice cream cone, milk shake, sundays, and ice pop. But everything change when I start to realize that my little girl wasn't going to see or celebrate her birthday with her sister and me. I try to be strong about it especially since I still have a daughter at home to take care of. But it was impossible for me to hold the pain inside of me because so far I have missed five birthdays since she was taken away. Every year her father try not to let me talk to her on her birthday, he try to tell her I don’t care, but I do care she my joy, my blessing from God. However, as I keep decorating the cake tears were coming down my face it almost feel like they were tears of blood. Why this have to happened to me? I started to cry more at this point, I was almost screaming desperate asking my God to stop this horrible pain by bring my baby back home. But something came to me, I proceed to calm myself down by saying to myself I can do this by get more stronger. Strong for instance by keep working hard at school, take good care of my daughter that I already have with me, and by teaching her good morals, good behavior, and good education.

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