Thursday, February 28, 2013

Ezra has arrived!

Wow! It was so exciting to welcome Ezra Jin Weems into our family yesterday here at Winnie Palmer Hospital in Orlando. Our previous daughter, Sophia, was born with a heart defect that eventually necessitated a heart transplant, so she was born via C-Section. With Sophia it took Benita quiet some time to recover from that procedure so she was hoping to deliver vaginally with Ezra. The doctors were ok with that, as long as Ezra came on time! Well her due date was last Saturday, February 23rd, and Ezra remained so we scheduled a C-Section which was preformed yesterday morning, Wednesday February 27th (exactly 2 weeks after my birthday on February 13th!) Before the C-Section, Benita was given an epidural which ended up not having the full effect it was supposed to. As a result the doctors decided to do a spinal which led to a more pervasive numbing. Since she had a spinal, Benita needed more time in the recovery room aftewards. We went into the operating room around 9:30 AM and didn't get into our room upstairs until after 5:00 PM. It was a long day!

Ezra was born at 10:16 AM, weighed 7lbs 13oz., and was 20.5 inches long. He is very healthy and is doing really great! He is already breast feeding and as I write now (February 28th, 9:15 AM), he is being circumcised - poor guy! He was born with a heart murmur but this is not abnormal for newborns and there are already signs that the murmur is disappearing. Just to be safe, because of his sisters's heart condition, we will also have an echo-cardiogram today to take a closer look at Ezra's heart just to confirm everything is going great in there. We have no reason to think the report won't be anything but good.

Last night big sister Sophia got to visit! Sophia still has high anxiety about being around hospitals but was excited to see her baby brother. Currently grandma is helping us out by taking turns watching Sophia in a nearby hotel. We're hopeful to leave here by Friday though we were told it usually takes about 3 days to recover enough from a C-Section to go home, so Saturday is also a possibility.

Here's a short little video I was able to capture in the recovery area while we waited for Benita.


  1. Congratulations on your new baby boy!

  2. he is very very cute...Can't wait to meet this beautiful little guy! Blessings to the entire family.

  3. Beautiful pictures...everyone I see is a gift.